About Mtelo Ministries

About Mtelo Ministries

Mtelo Ministries exists to assist and initiate developmental projects in central and east Africa.

Mtelo Ministries is founded solely in the works and words of Jesus Christ. Mtelo Ministries is named for Mtelo Mountain in Northwest Kenya where the vision began.

Mtelo recently expanded their ministry to provide educational scholarships to Christian pastoral students at Bangui Evangelical School of Theology.

Mtelo Ministries was founded in 2005 .

Board of Directors:

John Roughley:           President, Director of Facilities

Tom Berg:                     Vice President, Director of Special Projects/Construction Projects

Deborah Berg:              Secretary and Treasurer

Robert Martin:             Chaplain, Director of Missions

Kathy Martin:               Historian, Director of Church Relations

Judith Kuljis:                Director of Fund Raising

Marilyn Roughley:       Recording Secretary, Director of Women’s and Children’s Ministries


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Mtelo Ministries is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation managed by an all-volunteer board of directors.