Mtelo Ministries, a faith based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was conceived in the summer of 2005 when Tom and Deb Berg and John and Marilyn Roughley were on a Jesus Film Mission trip in Kenya with Cru.

The team we were with had been camping near Marich Pass on a local pastor’s property and each night we would travel to different locations showing the Jesus film to unreached peoples. At the end of our week, we would return to the study center at Marich Pass (our home base), but on on occasion one of the vehicles had broken down. So Tom and Deb, John and Marilyn, along with others, agreed to stay behind to wait for a vehicle to pick us up. 

It was there, at the base of Mtelo Mountain enjoying a cup of Kenyan coffee and waiting for a ride, that Tom, Deb, John, and Marilyn began pondering how could and would God use us in this beautiful, rugged land among His people. 

As we looked around we saw very little vegetation that provided food for the local people. We decided to leave funds for the pastor that owned the property so that he could grow grapes and provide food for the local people as well as an income for him. 

Grape seedlings were purchased, left, and planted.  We thought the land would be fertile for grapes, but it did not materialize as we had expected.  When we returned to the states, Mtelo Ministries was founded to assist with developmental projects in east and central Africa, including fresh water access, agricultural development, and education. 

In 2006, John and Marilyn were commissioned by FATEB, a theological seminary in Bangui, Central African Republic, to be their U.S. representatives raising awareness and funds.  Mtelo Ministries agreed to work in collaboration with FATEB, local leaders and churches in 2006.

Since the time of conception, Mtelo Ministries has endeavored to provide assistance and resources to crisis victims, displaced persons, orphans, street children, school fees, schools, churches, clean water projects, seminary students, and construction projects in east and central Africa as well as Nepal.

Our Board of Directors has since grown to include Robert and Kathy Martin and Judy Kuljis. 

Mtelo Ministries is founded solely in the works and words of Jesus Christ.

This is where we camped at the base of Mtelo Mountain in Kenya.
The little, blue backpacking tent is where John and Marilyn stayed.
Waiting for a ride under this tent is where the idea of Mtelo Ministries was conceived.

A villager that was walking by, came in out of the hot sun and played some music for us on his hand-made lyre.
The original executive team: Mario, who was to be our advisor on growing grapes, Pastor John, who owned the land and would be the grower and founding board member Tom Berg. It was in this valley that the grapes would be grown.
We were awed by God’s handiwork in the morning as we peeked out of our tent and saw the beauty of Mtelo Mountain and the other mountains around us. In the evening we would sit on the ground looking up at the expanse of the sky and twinkling stars. Truly Lord, how great thou art!