Assistance and resources are provided to crisis victims, displaced persons, orphans, street children, school children and seminary students.

Mtelo Ministries has been involved in many projects.  You can read about them under our NEWS section. We have been involved but not limited to:

A ministry to street boys of Nakuru, Kenya thru Lakeview Church.  Funds were sent to provide meals,  support for the boys to attend school, Bible Study and purchasing piki-pikis (bicycles)  for the boys to use as taxis and earn a living.

Water projects-installing a rain gutter to catch rainwater at a church and then the church can distribute the clean rainwater.

Funds received and designated to assist refugees in Central African Republic that were living on the FATEB campus after the coup in 2013.

Mtelo Ministries continues to assist with the construction of a Leadership Center at FATEB ( a seminary) in Bangui, Central African Republic and other various projects.

Mtelo Ministries continues assistance to seminary students.

Mtelo Ministry provided assistance to displaced persons in Nepal after their villages were flooded.