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Update on Asembo church

Update on Asembo church

Below is a letter from Pastor David Sonye regarding the church in Asembo, Kenya where  Mtelo Ministries helped to put a rain water system in at the church.  The members of the church as well as the community benefit from water caught and retained in the rain water system. Praise the Lord for the work that the church is accomplishing with God’s help and direction.

Dear all,

Warm greetings from Asembo!  I had a blessed weekend in Asembo and was impressed by what I saw.

New pastor and Church growth:

The new pastor, Pastor Dan has been very active as he reaches out to the community and I saw some new faces and was impressed.

Giving in the Church:

The pastor encouraged the congregation to bring in a portion of their farms harvest and I saw people bringing portions of millet, maize, groundnuts among other items.

Kids attending the service:

The pastor indicated that some parents have started attending church after they saw their kids attending the Church!  That was a positive influence indeed!

Rain water harvesting:

The Church still continues to harvest rain water which benefits the church members together with the community as a whole.

I have attached some photos.

Thanks again for your investment in Asembo village.


David Sonye

Valley of Truth Learning Center Photos

Valley of Truth Learning Center Photos

Water Tanks in Asembo, Kenya

Water Tanks in Asembo, Kenya

During his recent trip to Asembo, David Sonye saw the rain gutter system that was installed at the local church to collect rainwater.  He reports that the water tanks are currently filled to capacity and the church is selling water by the bucket.  Rainwater is safer for drinking than the river water, so the people come to the church to fill their buckets and bargain for the cheapest price.  This business has proved to be a reliable source of income for the church and is allowing them to fulfill their obligations in the community and further develop their outreach programs.

David sends thanks for all the support he has received and would like to remind everybody about his book Stewardship: Transforming Africa through Excellence in Stewardship. Make a donation to Mtelo Ministries in any amount and you will receive a copy of his book as a gift of our appreciation.

Pokot Food Distribution

Pokot Food Distribution

Last year Mary Hicks, with the Kenyan Jesus Film Project Team took supplies of food to the draught sticken and starving peoples of Pokot, northeast Kenya, the very region in which Mtelo Ministries was founded. Another dsitrubtion is planned for July-August 2009.