BEST student profile: Fidele Yougouda

BEST student profile: Fidele Yougouda

Dear Friends,

We are beginning a new feature profiling students and faculty at BEST.

This month we would like to tell you about one of our graduating students, Fidele Yougouda his wife Rachel, and their family. Fidele and Rachel came to BEST several years ago from Maroua, Cameroon having been sent by the church in which he was one of the pastors. Fidele is receiving his Master’s degree in Missiology this year and Rachel has graduated from the women’s school.

Upon graduation in July, Fidele and Rachel will return to their home city of Maroua where Fidele will resume his duties as pastor, teach in the Bible Institute and the school of Theology. However, their heart is to evangelize the Muslims in Maroua-“the heart of Islam in Cameroon” as Fidele puts it.

Fidele and Rachel will be evangelizing the Muslim members of their families, their neighbors, the Fulani in their area, as well as Muslim students at the University of Maroua using tools like the Jesus Film, Bible study, friendship evangelism, and the Magdelena film which is geared toward Muslim women.

Fidele and Rachel approach their ministry as a team effort. In both the Fulani and Muslim cultures, men share with men and women share with women. Therefore, Fidele will be sharing with the men and Rachel will be sharing with the women. They have already begun this phase of their ministry in Bangui as Fidele is ministering to some of the Muslim men there and Rachel is holding a weekly Bible study with a Muslim woman in Bangui. Support of BEST through scholarships and operational financial support is critical to the training of quality individuals like Fidele and Rachel to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Francophone Africa.

Love and our heartfelt thanks,
John and Marilyn

(from the MteloCAR June newsletter)

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