Letter of Thanks from Pastor Nixon

Letter of Thanks from Pastor Nixon

To All Our Friends and Sponsors:

As we come to the end of the year, on behalf of Valley of Truth Learning Centre, I take this time to appreciate our sponsors (White Grandma, Aunty Debora, Susan and other friends who have been holding up our hands when we were almost  hanging them down, wiping away our sorrowful tears   and above all standing in prayers with us  for the vision of this school to come to pass.

First, I take this opportunity to thank you all for your many support  to us.  When the school kids were without school uniform. You clothed them and they are now very smart and admirable. When the kids were going without Feeding Programme,  you decided to be  providing us with food. A  time came when the cost of food  doubled , you denied yourself many things and doubled the money for feeding programme.  Our school rooms were damaged excessively and needed repair, you supported us fully  and gave the school a new look.  The school furniture were almost breaking off, you gave it a new look also and made our kids comfortable. Our teachers had difficult time  in teaching without  teaching/learning materials, you provide and furnished the school with many  text books and other. We did not have good security for our school items like books, pieces of chalk, colours, pencils, you  gave  them protection by enabling  buy a wooden cabinet(lockable).

Secondly on behalf of the teachers once again I want to appreciate the gift that we were  given in August.   It really brought a big change in their lives, on their bodies and in their hearts. That was a big and mighty surprise to them.  We are always assured of the school rent and feeding programme for the school.

Lastly receive many greetings and  appreciations from  kids and teachers.  They have wished you well. May the Almighty God  bless you richly in your going out and coming in, may He also bless the work of your hands, let Him always order your foot-steps.  May He expand your territories.

You remain to be remembered in our hearts always.


Pastor Nixon.

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