In Nepal, Mtelo Ministries has been pleased to partner with organizations to provide relief from flooding and to continue the support of education centers. The classes are attended by approximately 150 children who would not have otherwise been able to go to school. Mtelo Ministries has been able to support 10 education centers and sent funds for crisis relief from flooding-providing clothing, blankets and food.

We recently received a letter from someone who was greatly impacted by the flood and the support of Mtelo Ministries. “I am a mother of three children. We are from the poor slum community where about 100 land less families live. Since we don’t have any work in our town and most of the people are jobless with no income. Most of our houses are roofed by plastic and it is difficult for us when it rains. Last July – September, it rained heavily and it was the most difficult time for us. There was water up to our knee inside of our small hut. Everything was damaged inside of our small hut but next morning we saw all the villagers running away due to over-flooding from the river nearby. The over flooded river wiped away all the villages in front of our eyes.

We took shelter in a public school where the school was closed for a month due to rain and floods. We did not have anything with us to feed the children and cloths to wear. There were no options for us.

An organization provided a sack of rice, lentils, cooking oil etc. Thank you for the support for the relief of us.”

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