Flooding in Nepal-Urgent

Flooding in Nepal-Urgent

Dear sister,

We have heavy rainfall in Nepal last week (Still continue) and all the South Nepal is over flooded. More than 100 died, 10,000 houses damaged including 3 small churches and about 20,000 families are on the streets now for shelter. 

We are in the rescue areas now to save lives. People are suffering from the different kinds of water born diseases and little children are dying due to polluted water as the drinking water sources are damaged totally.

We are trying to distribute the water filter, and some relief package.

We are preparing for the relief package, water filter at the same time.

One package costs $25.00 and we planned to save for 200 people in the floods victims areas.

Total cost we planned is: $25 x 200 = $5000.00

We could raise from here                    $1200.00

We are hoping for $3800.00 now. It helps to save people physically together as we volunteering for rescue.

Can you please support us for this good work.

I will update you with the reports and financial calculation after the work done.

Please see the attached photos of floods situation here in Nepal right now.

Thank you for your support for Nepal and its poor people.


Flooding in Nepal
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