Nepal Update/August 2019

Nepal Update/August 2019

This past July heavy rainfall flooded areas of Nepal once again as we reported earlier. Mtelo Ministries reached out with assistance to one of the harder hit areas. With financial assistance, an Mtelo partner on the ground there, was able to purchase and distribute rice and cooking gas. 150 people received 30KG rice sacks each. Here is an excerpt of a letter from one of the benefactors.

“We are from the poor family and we used to work for other’s farm for food for the family. My husband used to work for the brick factory and bring food for the children.

In last July, immediately flood came to our village and a big river came near our small hut almost at Mid night. I immediately woke up and awoke all the children and we run to the safe place to save lives. My husband was out of home for work for 3 days.

From the floods time he is out of contact and we could not find him. It’s been almost 2 months but he is not at home. Our children are 10,7,4 and 1yrs old.

Now days most of our times spending with tears. No food at home, house damaged by the floods and 2 children are suffering from the flue after floods.

Last week I have got a 30 KG of rice sack with other community people. I was happy for I got food for the children for few weeks. Thank you.”

Mtelo Ministries is grateful to those who have sent contributions to help those in need of food and shelter.

Cooking gas given to flood victims

Sacks of rice distributed to flood victims
Flood victims with rice sacks.
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