The work continues at the Annex Guesthouse-Cameroon

The work continues at the Annex Guesthouse-Cameroon

John and the SIL employees of the CAM Shop are converting two guestrooms at the Annex Guesthouse into suites with their own private bathrooms.

The CAM Shop Employees with John.
Breaking up the wall to add a door into the bathroom

Fabrice and Calvin are preparing the bathroom shower walls for tile. Armstrong is building the wall that separates the private bathroom from the shared bathrooms.

Preparing the shower walls for tile.
Building a wall separating the shower stall

Tiling the private bathroom, installing the ceiling in the guest bedrooms and they are burying the plumbing in the wall of the building. The building is made of mud, bamboo, and wood framing. The construction is called pota pota here. They had the water lines under pressure for 24 hours to check for leaks before they covered it up with concrete.

Tiling the bathroom
Installing the ceiling

Finished product-job well done!

Guesthouse suite with private bathroom
Private bathroom!
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